The Threat Has Changed. We have the solution: Rough Water™

Shipboard RHIBs are no longer basic workboats. They must be Tough and Fast while maximizing Crew Comfort & Safety. Rosborough's new Rough Water™Combatant builds off of the proven 9.11 traditional RHIB to provide a platform that is easily re-configurable allowing crew to perform a range of tasks including: Interdiction, Enhanced Naval Boarding Party Ops, Clearance Diving, MCM duties, SAR and personnel transfer.

Your Mission - Your Boat

You know your mission and environment better than anyone. We know boats. Together we can create the optimal platform, tailored to meet your demanding mission tasks. Originally designed in conjunction with Police & Enforcement Professionals, the Rough Water™ and HammerHead lines are built to offer greater stability and seakeeping abilities, at speed in harsh conditions, allowing you to face the task at hand without worrying about the always changing marine environment.

When Speed & Stability Count

The Rough Water™ line of RHIBs was designed to offer a more stable and seaworthy platform than traditional RHIBs providing peace of mind when you're called out while others have to head in. Semi-Custom in nature, all our platforms offer propulsion and layout configurations to match your operations; whether that be an enclosed wheelhouse to keep rescued persons comfortable or an open deck for accommodating a larger number of people and / or Disaster Relief & Aid supplies.

Designed For Ocean Tech And Research Projects

Tailored To Meet Your Personal Boating Style

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