After Sales

At Rosborough Boats, custom vessel solutions do not end when a boat is delivered to the customer. Custom service plans are available to each of our customers ensuring that their boat is operates to its full potential meeting their mission specific needs.

Marine Centre staff know Rosborough Boats better than any other service provider and they are dedicated to maintaining the highest quality for all of our products. Qualified and experienced technical staff are well-versed in the Transport Canada Small Vessel Compliance program and are ABYC certified ensuring your boat remains compliant with all safety  and regulatory standards.

In-Shop Service & Repair

The Rosborough Marine Centre is a full-service facility to service and maintain all aspects of your vessel including; Propulsion, Electrical, Electronic, Machinery and GRP repairs. When service is required, Marine Centre staff will pick up your boat, conduct the necessary maintenance and return it to you upon completion.

Mobile Service & Repair

Rosborough Marine Centre is pleased to offer mobile service to our Rosborough  Boat customers. If your problem can be fixed on the water or at your location, our qualified staff will come to your location eliminating the need of hauling or transporting it.


Rosborough Boats have a reputation for exceeding their normal service life causing customer needs to change with advancing technologies. Marine Centre staff are available to work with customers to ensure that they receive the necessary equipment upgrades to effectively adapt with these innovations.


Rosborough Boats’ offers storage solutions for all boat owners. The enclosed storage space is monitored 24 hours a day. If your boat is stored during the winter months, Marine Centre staff is available to winterize your boat and prepare it for the next operating season.