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The RFV HammerHeads are part of the Rosborough Boats Professional Series evolution. The RFV HammerHead hull is derived from the very popular Rough Water™ hull design providing a boat that is adaptable to all conditions, from a harsh chop in a rough bay to murky waters in surrounding lakes and rivers, or for emergency response in a flooded territory.

The hull design which incorporates a 21° deep V continuous dead rise hull form and a hydro step flat at the keel with lean bow sections and sharp fore foot ensures very soft entry into rough seas and answers the need for a fast Hard-Shell with a user friendly ride. The wide hull and inside floor width provide exceptional work space and stability at speeds and at rest.

The center console control unit is laid out to provide ample control and instrumentation spaces and allow for adequate space forward for rescue stretcher and patient treatment accommodation space.

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HammerHead RFV-25

HammerHead RFV-22