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Rough Water™ 9.11 Trawler RHIB

The Rough Water™ 9.11 Trawler RHIB follows in the footsteps of the RF-246 when Rosborough Pioneered the Pocket Trawler Market.

A blend of Rosborough Boats’ Professional- Series RHIBs and the RF-246’s amenities makes the Trawler RHIB an off-shore and sheltered waterway cruiser at the same time.

Easily Trailerable, you can take it cross country to unique cruising destination while still having the creature comforts of a large trawler that would take weeks to get to the new spot, if you could even get there.

Off-Shore Performance

Built on the hull of our Rough Water™ 9.11, the Trawler RHIB can handle the same conditions facing Canada’s Top Marine Operators who face the North Atlantic everyday

Live Aboard Amenities

Rosborough Boats was the pioneer of the Pocket Trawler when it launched the RF-246 in 1987. Allowing its owners the ability to cruise for weeks like a larger trawler but trailer the boat to unique destinations and leave the maintenance of a larger boat behind

Semi-Custom by Nature

As with all of our boats, the Rough Water™ Trawler RHIB is tailored to meet each owner’s personal boating style, from propulsion and navigation suite to amenities and colours.