Marine Centre

Rosborough Boats has established a strong reputation for quality workmanship and tailored solutions for our clients in the professional marine industry; it is this history and work ethic we are now applying to the marine service industry.


While many of Rosborough’s vessels have been exported, a large number of our Professional Series craft have remained in Atlantic Canada with organizations such as CCG/DFO, RCMP, Environment Canada, ALERT Inc and Survival Systems Ltd. These organizations have trusted us with their servicing needs, not only for Rosborough Boats but other brands as well.

Whether you have one vessel or a fleet, Rosborough Boats can perform service as required or work with you to establish a Service & Maintenance Plan. We also have mobile crews to allow for on-site service as well as vessel retrieval and delivery.

New Vessel Procurement & Leasing Services

Rosborough Marine Centre we can work with you to spec a vessel that meets your operational goals (whether that be a Rosborough Boat or another brand of specialty craft). We will make sure the vessel meets all applicable standards and regulations, create a service and maintenance plan, and provide project-based leasing if required.

Small Vessel Compliance Program

Rosborough’s Certified and Experienced staff can assess and configure your vessel(s) to meet the required regulations and work with you to register it under the SVCP as required by the Canadian Shipping Act.

Re-Power & Re-Configuration

Rosborough’s certified and experienced staff will work with you to assess your current vessel(s) and plan re-power or re-configuration to best suit your operational requirements while keeping inline to any regulations.