Rosborough Boats of Nova Scotia, Canada is a builder of semi-custom vessels from 6 to 10+ meters, built to serve the needs of the Professional Marine Community in a variety of sectors.

Established in 1955 by James D Rosborough, Rosborough Boats’ origins were the design and building of fully custom wooden sailing yachts ranging in size and style to meet the exacting demands of the individual owners. (Today, Rosborough Boats is owned and operated by Bob and Heaton Rosborough, the son and grandson of James D Rosborough, respectively.)

In the late 1970’s as boating requirements were changing and materials and building methods were evolving,Rosborough Boats changed its direction into commercial fishing and economical cruising yachts.

The mid 1990s saw an increasing demand from the Canadian Coast Guard’s, Fisheries Protection Division (DFO), for a workboat that would handle the tasks of their larger vessels, but with better mobility, and accessibility with utilizing fewer personnel. Rosborough Boats started supplying DFO with the RF-246 Work Boat. The RF-246 was offered in several configurations matching the specific needs of the vast operation areas around the Canada’s Atlantic Coast and working along side their Rigid Hull Inflatables (RIBs). Since 1997 Rosborough Boats has built over 50 RF-246s for Conservation & Protection, Hydrographic Survey, Scientific Research Policing and Search & Rescue.

In 2000 Rosborough had a request from DFO to develop a RIB that would have greater sea keeping abilities and larger personnel carrying capacity and higher speeds in harsh conditions than their current RIBs. Rosborough Boats started to develop their Rigid Hull Inflatable line up through various prototypes and releasing the Rough Water™ 9.11 in 2003.

With the success of the Rough Water™ 9.11 Rosborough Boats further developed their Rigid Hull Infl atable line up adding the 8.50, 7.90 and 6.70; the Rough Water™ line up also includes the RFV HammerHead (Hard-Shell) available from 22 to 28 feet. The Rough Water™ line is fully semi-custom to match the present and future needs of its operators.

The Rough Water™ RIBs are presently in service with several Canadian Federal, Provincial and Municipal agencies and American State & Municipal agencies as well as those in the Private Sector (Canada & UK) serving the needs of Policing/ Patrolling, Search & Rescue, Conservation & Protection, water Borne Ambulance, Oil Platform Assistance, Survival Training and General Work Boat.

Rosborough Boats’ Professional Team work with the operators, project managers, technical authorities, procurement personnel and financial departments to make sure that every boat is tailored to the customer’s specific requirements and allows their operators to fulfill their day to day and unexpected mission tasks.