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Introducing Rosborough’s

Multi-Role Boat

a Rough Water™ 9.11 specifically tailored for OTH Missions



The Rough Water™ product line was designed out of a need from the Professional Marine Community for a RHIB that offered greater seaworthiness at speed in rough conditions as well as greater personnel carrying capacity and comfort.

The hull design incorporating a 23° deep V continuous dead rise hull form with full length planing strakes and wide bilge chine result in unique hull design characteristics that opens the seas easier and softer with nil spray offering unmatched performance and fuel efficiency.

The Rough Water™ is a uniquely constructed craft incorporating many lamination and assembly techniques that set it apart from other boats. The extra steps and technology put into every unit by Rosborough Boats’ production team is an assurance of Quality.

Equipped for operating in daylight and darkness the Rough Water™ layout and configuration provides for 24 hour all year around use. The specialty composite nature of the main structure allows for operating in adverse temperatures while continue providing maximum safety and comfort to crew.

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Rough Water™ 9.11

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