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Rosborough Marine Centre is proud to be the official YANMAR Diesel dealer for industrial equipment in the Halifax, Nova Scotia servicing the needs of all current and future YANMAR Diesel owners and operators.

YANMAR Diesel engines have been powering boats, generators, pumps, tractors and other industrial equipment for almost a century. YANMAR Diesels are more than just another engine, they offer clean, quiet, safe ways to get your job done and arrive safely. Quiet, environmentally friendly, fuel efficient and reliable, there is a YANMAR for almost any application.

Products & Re-powers

Rosborough Marine Centre is the official dealer for all new YANMAR Diesel products in the Halifax, Nova Scotia and will help your business acquire the necessary equipment to fulfill your needs.

If your equipment is in need of an upgrade or re-power, Rosborough Marine Centre can provide you with a new engine, generator, compressor, welder or power product that will fulfill your needs.  We can help you extend the service life of your equipment by  equipping it with the latest YANMAR Diesel products.

Mobile & In-shop Service

The qualified and experienced staff at the Rosborough Marine Centre are YANMAR specialists with the necessary expertise to keep your YANMAR Diesel product working at it’s full potential. Customers can bring their equipment at our full-service maintenance facility located at 1248 St. Margaret’s Bay Road or our mobile technical staff can travel to the customers location to service the equipment on site.

Contact us with your problem and our qualified and experience technical staff will help you find a solution with YANMAR Diesel product.

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